The Benefits of Using Automated COVID-19 RNA Extraction Products

The importance of COVID-19 testing is becoming more and more important as this highly infectious virus is paralyzing various industries of the world in more ways than one. More accurate testing efforts are vital to trace affected individuals and institute proper measures to control the spread of the disease. The use of automated COVID-19 RNA extraction products is one of them.

Many companies produce automated COVID-19 RNA extraction products to help address the rising issues and consequences brought about by the pandemic. These products are essentially designed to utilize high technology that helps in the extraction of the nucleic acid using the method that utilizes magnetic beads. These extraction products are essentially characterized as using a high degree of automation as well as easy operation, fast extraction speed, and stable results. With the use of 96 deep well plates, these extractors can extract not only one but up to a maximum of 32 samples altogether.

Quality automated COVID-19 RNA extraction products make use of magnetic rods that are present on their frames. These magnetic rod frames can transfer the magnetic beads between wells. As the mixing sleeves and magnetic rods move, the extractor repeatedly and quickly stirs the liquid inside. This allows for the even mixture of the magnetic beads and the liquid. With the application of elution and washing, nucleic acid absorption, and cell lysis processes, the extractor will complete the extraction of the nucleic acids. The result will be highly purified nucleic acids.

There are certain features and benefits to using quality automated COVID-19 RNA extraction products. These included a touch panel that comes with a 3.4-inch LCD screen. This screen can monitor and operate the running status of the process in real-time independently. You can also attach the extractor with a 7-inch screen pad that is supported by Android operating software. This gadget allows you to control the Wi-Fi-capable extractor using a remote.

Another noteworthy feature of automated extractors will be their precision control. There is built-in engineering present in the system that allows for independent operations even without the use of personal computers. Having precision control means that you will be getting high stability from your automatic control system. At the same time, you get to save more of your energy and space.

Temperature control is another feature in automated COVID-19 RNA extraction products. As the user, you can set the temperature for elution or lysis by yourself. The same goes for programming the extractor. It comes with powerful programming features and functions, allowing you to do more efficient and flexible programming changes. Having the liberty to define the program that these extractors use enables you to meet the various requirements of your reagents.

What sets automated COVID-19 RNA extractors apart from other machines is their high efficiency when it comes to their extraction. With the high purity levels of RNA or DNA that these machines extract, you can simply use them for both RT-PCR and PCR testing methods. Finally, these machines offer the utmost reliability and stability. Since these systems are operated automatically, any errors and deviations caused by manual operations are avoided. This allows for the reliability and stability of your results.

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