Advantages of JIRA in Tracking and Project Management

There are many benefits associated with tracking and management of projects when it is done in a proper way. Tracking is basically identifying the project status. Through tracking, registering of all data and following up of potential risks is done. The process differs depending on the project type and business too. Tracking and management a project is made easier upon using JIRA reporting app. Hence, here are the benefits of using JIRA in project tracking and management.

JIRA profields are compatible with any project methodology in use. Both agile and traditional methods are catered for here. JIRA is a more transparent way of management and tracking since it only focuses on how you are doing things. Therefore, you will be required to customize the project’s properties, and then you will convert them into layouts where you will be able to easily read more about the progress. This is something that will allow you to get meaningful information about the project in a very simple manner and view for you to understand easily.

When you are focusing on the projects, you will note that the profields will have to improve collaboration among various people in the project. Since these profields are added to the equation, the collaboration will be improved. This means that it will be simple for the users to manage information about the ongoing projects that they are assigned to. This is such an important thing since the manager will always be able to get notified about everything concerning the project progress here! Email notifications will be there in case of any changes in the project and this is important to keep everyone updated in the project.

Since each person is involved in the project, there will be transparency, and this is through JIRA. The app makes it easy for people to easily access information about the project. This is something that will have to save many resources, and JIRA profields are responsible for this case. You will be able to know the time, state and who did the change easily. Accuracy in project estimations are also going to be seen. Checking the progress is also simplified since it allows the addition of some gadgets on the dashboard.

When there is real-time data in the project progress, the decision making task is, therefore, going to be simplified and JIRA shines here! This is something that will make it easy for you to manage planning for the project within timeline and deadlines. Having read more about this reporting app, it is now time for you to check it out! In this website is where you will learn more about the JIRA reporting app and how to start with it.