Key Reason for Reading the Book of Revelation

It is important to always read the bible and meditate it. When it comes to the book of revelation many people tend to avoid reading it. There are many benefits that come from reading the book of revelation. Many people are not aware of the gain they get after reading the book. The main aim of writing this article is to introduce you to the relevant information on the benefits of reading the book of revelation.

One of the main reasons for reading the book of revelation is that it gives confidence to the sovereignty of God. In this book, God is revealed as the alpha and omega meaning the first and the last. This gives confidence in the fact that God is ruling in history. There are those people that tend to forget about God during the harsh time. However, by reading the book of revelation it will be easy to know that God is always with them. When it comes to the crucified lamb it is described as the place of rulership over the cosmos. The devil is only seen as he is heading to the doom. This shows that when you have God on your side you will always be winning the battles. Therefore reading this book shows you that you are a winner if you walk with God. Thus you will have confidence when doing anything.

The other benefit of reading the book of revelation is because it introduces as to a unique perspective on the purpose of God in human history. It is important to note that the book of revelation highlights the storyline of the Bible and also complete the narrative that Genesis begins. Generally, the Bible provides us with the relevant information on the loss and restoration of the presence of God. It also talks about the apparent destruction and the ultimate fulfillment of the purpose of God in your life. You have to note that the Bible begins and ends in the garden template. However, the later temple has the presence of evil banished. Moreover, the book of revelation tells you more about the good things God has done for and so you can have confidence in him.

Moreover reading the book of revelation will give you a powerful perspective on the fact that faithfulness to God through costly brings eternal reward beyond compare. You have to be aware of the fact that revelation calls as to be always faithful to God the creator. It shows the rewards that you will get after being faithful to God. If you read the book of revelation you will note that it warns you that compromise with the world system may result in pressure. Due to that, you will find yourself in the eternal disaster. This has led to many people choosing to live a faithful life though it is not easy as many people may see it. Moreover, the book of revelation talks about the 7 churches in Asia. The two of them were about to die while the other was somewhere in between.

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