Why Use Podcasts?

The world is full of marketing messages. As the intensity of noise hikes and the attention period goes down, it is becoming increasingly tougher to engage the clients you are aiming for in a meaningful manner. That is where podcasts come in. Imagine the clients you are targeting taking time with the content you have generated for a time ranging between 15 and 20 minutes every week on their devices or smartphones- outside the activity of their typical work-life, corporate firewalls, emails, ad blockers, and other impediments drowning out many marketing channels. Imagine providing wealthy information your addressee wants to receive and returns week after week. Imagine possessing a content engine that’s designed to deliver content in many formats across many channels on a constant basis. You can only achieve this with the help of podcasts. If you still wonder whether you should embrace podcasts, ensure you read more here.

There is still open space in podcasting. There is too much content these days. B2B customers are showered with offers to visit blogs, participate in webinars, and download papers, an implication that their boxes are jam-packed with everyday e-newsletters of varying kinds. Even though there are several easily accessible podcasts, podcasting space is still believed to be a medium that is not fully utilized. This is especially real for the people intending to podcast on a specialty topic on a targeted addressee. It is believed that you will not come across another person who is producing podcasts that are like the ones you are producing.

The other advantage is that it is possible for you to engage. There are some content schemes where someone is going to spend just a few minutes investigating a topic. With podcasting, however, it is possible for you to win the attention of a listener for a longer duration. Reflect on a podcast that is ?, , or an hour! You will have a listener’s dedicated attention for the whole time. This creates an extent of familiarity and loyalty that’s only attainable with a few other formats.

You can generate an addressee. The main objective of content salespersons is to create an audience that can finally become the center of a paying client base. If you uphold a constant publishing schedule, enlighten and amuse, you stand a great opportunity of creating a loyal addressee that returns often to hear the insights you provide. Podcasts are not normally ”one and done” but a platform a person can commit to in order to serve the addressee they are aiming at. After you deliver value over time, you get the right to request for their business without being too much aggressive or promotional.

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